Farmers to Families - April 2021

Farmers to Families - April 2021

Each Monday in April we will be receiving a semi truck full of 30-50 pound boxes of fresh produce, dairy, and protein. We will have a weekly drive through event for our community to pick up the boxes. 

Volunteer Opportunities (arrive at 2:45 PM)

Traffic Director (Limit 12 slots available): This is a drive-thru event. Help us keep all the cars in line and ready to move forward!

Prayer Intercessor (Limit 8 slots available): After the individuals pick up their food, they can leave though the exit lane or drive into the prayer lane. This is where volunteers will pray over the individuals specific needs.

Box Distributor (Limit 16 slots available): Help us load the vehicles with the boxes of food and milk. (DISCLAIMER: Each box weighs approx. 35 lbs and a gallon of milk weighs approx. 8 lbs.)

Car Line Snack Distributor (Limit 5 slots available): Help us grill and distribute hot dogs to cars waiting in line.

How many people will you be registering?